Hello and welcome to my home page.  My name is Brian Jackson and I’ll be your instructor.  This website is dedicated to providing information and pointers to additional information regarding my 47 Udemy online training videos.

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Brian Jackson

Brian Jackson

Author, Publisher and Educator

Author of a handful of books, self-publisher of well over 100 Amazon Kindle eBooks and Print on Demand (POD) paperbacks and educator with 47 Udemy online video training courses to my name.

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My Udemy Course Catalog:

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Write a Book! Creative Writing Skills for Beginner Writers

Write a novel or non-fiction book. Creative writing skills for beginners. Writers write by writing! World Building!

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Clip Studio Paint Pro/Ex (Manga Studio 5)

Clip Studio Paint Pro/Ex (Manga Studio 5): Digital art, drawing, painting and comic books.

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GIMP 2.8/2.10 Beginner-Advanced: Free on Windows/MacOS/Linux

GIMP 2.8/2.10 Beginner-Advanced: Free GIMP graphic design on Windows/Mac OS/Linux: Photography, drawing and book covers!

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Camtasis 2019 Screen Recorder and Video Editor by Tech Smith

Tell Your Story Today… 

Isn’t it time you finally told the story inside your heart?  Within this course, I will explain how to organize and begin writing a short story, novella, novel or non-fiction book.  The concepts are similar for each form.  The number of balls you need to keep in the air and for how long are the only things that differ.

Learn the Components of Successful Storytelling… 

Plot, character, and place.  Learn how to juggle them all like a professional.  Learn how to discipline yourself to put the first words on the page.  Learn the even greater discipline required to put the last words on the page.

All your life, you’ve carried this story with you.  Perhaps uncertain or fearful of rejection.  But there is no burden greater than carrying an untold story.

Your All in One Source for the Inspiration and Technique Required to Tell Your Story… 

This is your call to arms.  Tell your story now before it’s lost forever…

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KDSpy Amazon Keyword SEO by Wesley Atkins

In this course you will learn drawing and painting using Clip Studio Paint Pro or Ex (formerly Manga Studio 5), the most powerful illustration, manga and comic book software available today.  Using my simplified techniques, you will learn to draw and paint like you never thought possible.  All the way from sketching a basic concept through production and distribution of your finished work, this course will teach you everything you need to know to realize your full artistic potential.

Master Clip Studio Paint, drawing and painting techniques and the digital illustration workflow simply and easily and all in a single course:

  • Learn to draw quick and sloppy sketches using a tablet and stylus
  • Use 3D pose-able reference models to draw scenes containing human figures
  • Ink your drawing flawlessly using modifiable direct draw vector lines
  • Color flat your illustration with the simple click of a mouse
  • Add color to increase the realism of your illustration
  • Shade and Highlight your artwork to add form and dimension while staying with the lines
  • Create simple gradient backgrounds
  • Draw complex 3D architecture using perspective rulers
  • Letter, bubble and tail your work with ease
  • Produce and distribute your work for free or for sale on Amazon
  • Learn how to format and publish comic books

Gain experience with Clip Studio Paint’s most useful features while learning the fundamental drawing and painting techniques most critical for beginner success.

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KDRoi Amazon Book Promotion by Wesley Atkins

The GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) is a free Photoshop like graphic design software program that runs on Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

Well then, why isn’t everyone using it?

Even with access to GNU tutorials and YouTube videos the GIMP is still a hard program to learn.

Until now…

Welcome to the most comprehensive single GIMP course available on Udemy:

GIMP 2.8/2.10 Beginner-Advanced: Free on Windows/MacOS/Linux

In this course, which is 12.5 hours in length, I’ll take you all the way from installing the GIMP and configuring it to run on Windows to producing banners, book covers and memes that you’ll display using Facebook and other social media, WordPress and HTML.   I’ll even show you photo touch up.  In fact, I’ll show you everything I know in the natural order in which you should learn it.

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