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Hello, and welcome to my website. Here you'll find information on the udemy online training courses that I've produced and my self-published ebooks. You'll even find a little information about me, Brian Jackson.

For those unfamiliar with udemy, udemy is a website that allows instructors, like me, to upload video presentations to be used to teach people online, like you, about technology and other stuff. If you haven't already, I recommend that you visit and browse their course catelog or go directly to visit my udemy profile.

If you're a reader, please browse this page to see the technical ebooks that I've published as well as my electronic novels. All my ebooks are available for purchase in Kindle format from Amazon.

I hope you enjoy your stay.


The following are course resources that I've made available to my students.

The Wall of Book Covers
Book Cover Downloads
Ebook Template Download
GIMP & HTML Udemy Course Examples

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udemy Courses

udemy Course Documentation

udemy Course Documentation on udemy Course Documentation

Have you got a great idea for a video training presentation but you're all hung up on the details of how to document it? Overview, curriculum, description, summary... Sometimes it all boggles the mind.

Why Not Get Advice from a Professional Writer and udemy Instructor?

Remember all those udemy training courses you watched that told you to polish your course before releasing it? Well, the items covered in this course constitute one of the most fundamental things to be polished; namely, course documentation. If you're ready to reap the many benefits of improving your udemy course documentation, including increased sales, then this is the course for you.

Coming soon.

udemy, Camtasia and PowerPoint

Make $10,000 Or More per Year Authoring udemy Courses

The udemy team recently announced that 1/4 of its instructors make more than $10,000 per year selling their udemy courses online. That's a lot of passive income to simply watch pass you by without acting. Maybe it's time you considered ceasing your share of the pie.

Learn What it Takes to Produce and Sell a udemy Course

This course explains how to create udemy courses using PowerPoint and the Camtasia Screen Recorder and Video Editing software. It includes everything you need to know to create stunning screen cast based presentationss on your PC or Mac. The course concludes with information on pricing and marketing your course that will set you well on the path to becoming one of the udemy $10,000/yr elite.


Self-publishing Ebooks on Amazon

Learn How to Self-publish on Amazon

In this course I'll show you how to format a novel, novella, or short story using Microsoft Word and how to publish the output of that process for sale on the Amazon website, the world's largest bookstore, right alongside the big boys in the industry (King, Grisham, ...).

View Screen Captures of the Whole Process

I know what you're thinking... Brian, self-publishing on Amazon is so easy that anyone can do it without a training video. Well, that's true, however some of us like a little guidance along the way. I'm ready to provide that guidance via screen captures of me formatting and publishing an eBook on Amazon. We'll even spend a chapter outlining how to create a simple book cover using the online KDP interface.


Self-publishing Ebooks on Amazon

Have You Ever Wanted to See Your Novel or Memoirs in Print?

Who hasn't? Well thanks to the Print on Demand (POD) services provided by CreateSpace you can realize your dreams today. In this course, I'll show you how to format your manuscript for print publication on Amazon using Microsoft Word. Together we'll dot every "i" and cross every "t" while inserting an image or two along the way.

Do You Want High Quality Results?

With CreateSpace, you get high quality, publisher grade books for the cost of printing and distribution. High quality covers with heavy bond paper and crisp print will make your words soar and look beautiful on your coffee table. Your friends' coffee tables too.


GIMP Book Covers for Self-publishing

Learn the GIMP From Scratch

In this course I'll show you how to use the free Gnu Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) to produce professional looking, high quality book covers. This course is suitable for absolute beginners and explains how to install all required tools and resources and then how to use those components to produce a unique, professional looking, and high quality book covers.

Learn to Create Stunning Book Covers and More

This course uses a combination of presentation slides and screen capture to show you how to use the GIMP to produce book covers specifically. Why focus on book covers? Because we only need to know the basics of using the GIMP to accomplish our purposes. Don't worry, you can still create amazing images (e.g. web, book covers, udemy logo) using the basics of the GIMP.


GIMP Intermediate

Go Beyond the Basics

In this course we go beyond the basics of producing a simple book cover using the GIMP as introduced in my course GIMP Book Covers for Self-publishing. The intermediate course material provided here should propel you're GIMP graphics to the next level.

Learn Tips and Techniques for Advanced Text Handling

Learn my favorite techniques when it comes to formatting text for presentation on the web. Whether its a book cover, album cover, web graphic, or logo, I'll show you the techniques required to make your images shine.


GIMP Advanced

Take Your GIMP Skills to the Next Level

If you're getting bored doing the same old things in GIMP, maybe it's time to learn some new tricks. Come with me on this adventure into GIMP Advanced. In over an hour and a half of lectures, I'll show you some tricks you have yet to learn.

Learn to Create 3D Book Covers

Both boxed sets and individual 3D book covers are addressed in this course. Even if you don't work on book covers, you'll find the 3D effects useful in your future GIMP work.

Learn to Create Reflections in Water

Let me show you a nice water reflection effect that you'll be able to use in your own graphics.



Make Your Web Page Shine

If you've always wanted to snaz up your web pages with some fancy graphics but couldn't afford the software licensing fees, image costs, or consulting service expenses, then let me show you how to get the project done simply and with little or no expense. This course combines the free GIMP image editor with a free HTML aware text editor to show you how to produce professional looking web pages on a budget.

Create Free and Inexpensive Web Graphics

In this course I'll teach you how to use thefreeGnu Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) to produce stunning web graphics on a PC or a Mac. Learn to produce common web graphics such as bullets, logos, banners, separators, and buttons. Learn where to find free and inexpensive images on the Internet.


Write Now

Tell Your Story Today...

Isn't it time you finally told the story inside your heart? Within this course I will explain how to organize and begin writing a short story, novella, or novel. The concepts are the same for each form. The number of balls you need to keep in the air and for how long is the only thing that differs.

Learn the Components of Successful Storytelling...

Plot, character, and place. Learn how to juggle them all like a professional. Learn how to discipline yourself to put the first words on the page. Learn the even greater discipline required to put the last words on the page.


Word 2010 for Beginners

New to Microsoft Word 2010?

I've created several courses for writers, all of which assume that the student possesses a fundamental understanding of Microsoft Word 2010. In this course, I provide the basics required to fully comprehend the topics presented in my other courses.

Have You Struggled with the Basics of Word?

I can bring you up to speed in around 2 hours!!! The basics or Word 2010 aren't really that difficult to comprehend. I'm sure you'll be able to follow along easily on this gentle introduction into a powerful word processor.



Mailing Lists, Newsletters, and Users... Oh My

Mail Chimp is a free mailing list maintenance system that also provides a web based interface to creating professional looking emails to be sent to those lists. This course guides you through the use of Mail Chimp from defining a simple mailing list to creating and sending your first email.

See How to Increase Your Business Through Targeted Email Campaigns

This course is primarily focused at teaching you how to use the Mail Chimp web based interface to create, maintain, and analyze your mailing lists and email campaigns. However, it also provide important insight into what to include in your newsletters and how to establish personal relationships with your most important customers.



 All Ebooks From $0.99 to $2.99. Enjoy! 


Do It Yourself: Book Covers

Finally, a Do It Yourself Guide on Creating Book Covers

Here it is, the book you've been waiting for. Finally, you can create your own book covers using the simplified methodology outlined in the book. It's fun, it's easy, it's fast, and it's cheap.

Sell More Books by Getting Your Book Noticed

What's the first thing you notice about a book, even an eBook, when shopping on Amazon, the world's largest retail book seller? I'm willing to bet it's the cover. Even before you read the title or author name to see if you might be interested, it's typically the cover of the book that first catches your eye. That being the case, here's an important question I want you to ask yourself before we begin:

If my book cover is the most important element when it comes to getting my self-published book noticed and ultimately sold, then why am I not creating my book cover myself?


Do It Yourself: Publish On Amazon

This manual explains how to format your book using Microsoft Word on either a PC or a Mac for publication at Amazon using the Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) web-based interface. Formatting books for publication on Amazon isn't a sexy subject, but it is about to become fundamental to your life as a self-published author. Let me save you some time and frustration by walking you through the process your first time. I've done this more than 100 times myself, so I think I'm ready to lead the way.

Before we begin, I wanted to point out that publishing a book on Amazon may not be as straightforward as you originally thought. In addition to making your book available in ebook format via KDP, Amazon provides services for selling your book in Print on Demand (POD) paperback format (CreateSpace) and audiobook format (ACX/Audible). This book addresses formatting your book and publishing it in all three formats.

This book is terse but packed with information. I'll assume you've made your decision to self-publish and you don't need to read all that marketing hype. I'm here to guide you through the process of publishing on Amazon with as few missteps as possible.


Book of Dreams

The Book of Dreams is a 209k word collection of the books in the trilogy. It includes the novels "Metropolis", "Meridian", and "Destiny".

What dreams may come...

    Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the lord my soul to keep, Until morning, when I want it back.

Troubled by night terrors? Need someone to bodyguard your dreams? Call Hypnos Inc.. Whoever said dreams can't hurt you didn't know what they were talking about.

Welcome to the Narcoscape, the place of dreams where infants are beguiled by visions and do not wake in the morning. It is the shadowy realm of the coma patient and the last stop for the drug users who come looking for the arms of Morpheus. It is the kingdom of the insane, the place where dark things prey on the mind.

If you are lost in the Narcoscape you need a dream retrieval expert like Nicodemus Smith, the ghost hunter, the slayer of night terrors who won't negotiate with the Dream Police.

Prepare to enter the dream world, a world like you've never experience before.


Sanderson House

Cheryl Sanderson is looking to make a new start in life beginning with her new home in San Francisco. But her old life in Las Vegas won't leave her be. Soon she's hip deep in boarders, larcenists, and dead bodies. And to clear her good name she must find the murderer of her most recent house guest.

Sanderson House is an enjoyable cozy mystery about a young mother trying to catch a break in life.


Blood Lust

An amped up, shiver driven, love fest.
-- Dark Realm Review.

Blood Lust is a contemporary retelling of Dracula as a M/M Romance. It tells the story of Don Emilio Diego Vargas Tepes and his thwarted attempt to subjugate Los Angeles under an iron rule. Join Arthur, Seward, Van Helsing, and even the crazed lunatic Crenshaw, as they confront evil on a grand scale.


Dead of Night

From the end of the world to romance on an elementary school playground, from vampires and ghosts to killer accordions, these are the short stories of Brian Jackson. Published individually in various hard copy venues, these stories are now available for the first time in a single volume. Come let the author share with you his love for the short story form.


The Kiss

"My name is Steve Merriman and I'm eleven years old... Today, March 11th, 1969, after school, I have to kiss a girl." Thus begins the charming story of the longest day in a young boy's life. Here, for the first time as a standalone story is a remembrance from days gone by when: drop drills were performed to prepare for the bomb, girls had koodies, and a first kiss was both scary and enthralling.


In Walked Trouble

"I knew ahead of time that trouble was at my door by the sound of the footsteps in the hallway. You see, they were the footsteps of a dame; and in my book, and at this time of night, a dame almost always spells trouble." Harland Case is on the job again, only this time the job involves vampires and other unsavories. A Los Angeles, noir piece that tells the story of one hard up dick.


About the Author

Born in Los Angeles in the middle of the last century, I have always wanted to be a writer. After twenty-five some odd years spent working in the computer industry in the heart of the Silicon Valley, first for Lockheed as a Systems Programmer and later for Cisco Systems as a test tool developer, I managed to retire early and begin my next career as a self-published author.

Along with writing and publishing my own novels I also publish the works of my wife, Melanie Jackson. During the past four years I've published well over 100 books in paperback and ebook formats. Oddly enough this includes ebooks on how to self-publish books and how to create professional looking book covers using the GIMP. I've also recorded and distributed a pair of audiobooks available for purchase on Amazon and Audible. Finally, I spend a portion of my time maintaining both my website and my wife's website, which was developed modularly using Bootstrap 3 and SSI technologies.

My latest endeavor, begun in July of 2014, is to record training courses for distribution via Udemy. My goal is to provide low cost high quality screen cast based educational material focusing on my area of expertise; namely, self-publishing and book cover design using the GIMP. As time permits, I plan to expand my catalog to cover Web page development and Udemy course preparation.

Available on Kindle is my backlog of previously published and unpublished material. My books are clever, exciting, and often written with a sense of humor.

I currently live in the beautiful California wine country with my wife, published author Melanie Jackson, and Snowy the cat.

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